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Mohammad Imani
Mohammad Imani
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About me

As a network engineering instructor with significant expertise in Cisco technologies, I, Mohammad Imani, have a deep-seated passion for teaching and mentoring future network professionals. My journey in this field began with a focus on Microsoft technologies, eventually transitioning into a specialized role in network engineering. Over my career, I have had the privilege of training over 1,200 direct students and 45,000 online learners, covering courses from CCNA to CCIE in Routing and Switching.

My approach to education in network engineering integrates practical experiences gained from consulting for various small to medium-sized companies, which I incorporate into my courses to provide rich, real-world insights. Currently, I offer a variety of courses on Orhan Ergun’s platform, including detailed training on Cisco ISE, VRF, and Cisco Secure Network Access, among others. These courses are crafted to not only deliver essential theoretical knowledge but also to equip students with the practical skills necessary for certification and beyond.

I am continually committed to updating my course content to reflect the latest developments in the field, aiming to empower students to achieve their professional goals and excel in the ever-evolving landscape of network engineering.


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Encryption Fundamentals Course

  • 04:38:11 Hours
  • 21 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Cisco Secure Network Access

  • 06:02:50 Hours
  • 18 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Cisco IP Services

  • 03:17:55 Hours
  • 14 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Azure Active Directory Course

  • 02:06:19 Hours
  • 18 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Azure Security Fundamentals

  • 01:55:16 Hours
  • 17 Lectures
(3 Reviews)

Cisco Device Hardening

  • 03:49:44 Hours
  • 29 Lectures
(1 Reviews)

Regular Expressions - RegExp Course

  • 02:03:22 Hours
  • 16 Lectures
(2 Reviews)

Versa SD-WAN Zero to Hero Course

  • 12:06:33 Hours
  • 40 Lectures