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Navid Yahyapour
Navid Yahyapour
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About me

As a seasoned network engineer, I, Navid Yahyapour, have dedicated my career to specializing in routing, switching, and certification trainings for enterprise and service provider technologies. My professional journey includes extensive experience as an instructor at Orhan Ergun, LLC Network Consultancy and Training, where I have accumulated over 3500 hours of teaching experience. My roles have varied, spanning from Solutions Architect to Senior Network Consultant.

I possess a deep technical understanding of a wide array of networking devices from leading manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, and MikroTik. My commitment to education is deeply rooted in my practice; I've developed and led various courses on advanced network technologies including Cisco SD-WAN and Segment Routing, always ensuring they are comprehensive and cater to both theoretical and practical learning needs.

I take pride in the positive feedback from my students, which motivates me to continuously improve and expand my courses to meet the evolving needs of the networking world. My aim is to provide training that not only imparts knowledge but also prepares my students for real-world networking challenges.


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Segment Routing Training

  • 11:26:03 Hours
  • 31 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

IP and MPLS Multicast Training

  • 09:53:12 Hours
  • 21 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

MPLS VPN Zero to Hero Training

  • 15:11:48 Hours
  • 24 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Network Assurance and Management Course

  • 05:20:26 Hours
  • 18 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

Versa SD-WAN Course

  • 05:33:42 Hours
  • 21 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

MPLS VPNs with Juniper Networks

  • 06:19:37 Hours
  • 20 Lectures
(1 Reviews)

ACL, Prefix-List and Route-Map Course

  • 02:20:57 Hours
  • 20 Lectures
(1 Reviews)

IPSEC Course

  • 02:37:10 Hours
  • 13 Lectures
(1 Reviews)

STP - Spanning Tree Protocol Course

  • 05:33:03 Hours
  • 26 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

EVE-NG Basics Course

  • 03:48:29 Hours
  • 15 Lectures
(0 Reviews)

EVE-NG Deep Dive Course

  • 07:47:24 Hours
  • 30 Lectures