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Toni Pasanen
Toni Pasanen
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About me

Toni Pasanen is a distinguished engineer and a CCIE certified network expert who has made significant contributions to network engineering through both his professional work and numerous publications. He currently holds a position at Fujitsu Finland, where he works closely with clients to tailor network solutions that align with both technology and business needs. His experience spans various aspects of network technologies, focusing on areas like routing, switching, and MPLS technologies.

Toni is also a prolific author, having written several books that aim to educate on complex networking topics. Some of his notable publications include "Virtual Extensible LAN – VXLAN: The Practical Guide to Understand VXLAN Solution," "LISP with VXLAN in Campus Fabric," and "Network Virtualization: LISP, OMP, and BGP EVPN Operation and Interaction." His books are highly valued for their practical guidance and deep insight into network virtualization and automation.

Furthermore, Toni has developed and delivered extensive training courses, notably on EVPN-VXLAN, which is available on platforms like Orhan Ergun's online training.


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EVPN - VXLAN Training

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